To help you better, we have compiled a list of common questions and answers below.

We're glad you asked. This company was built on the idea that like a true "relic" our tables will stand the test of time. We achieve this by sourcing the best materials that we can find and using them to build fully customizable tables, each crafted with integrity.
-Quality materials, locally and sustainably sourced
-Fully customizable
-0% VOC, non toxic, natural ingredients
-Small business
-Local employer
-Solid wood construction, no veneers

Clients are now able to fully customize their tables online and place an order directly through this website. For specialty custom order requests please reach out to us using this form. Our orders are custom built in the sequence that they are received and current orders can expect a 10-12 week turnaround from placing the order until delivery.

Check delivery availability here. We deliver to MD, DC, VA, DE, PA and NJ in a 100 mile radius from our Finksburg, MD location. If you are outside of our delivery radius we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate delivery at this time. We are working on ways to expand our delivery range without compromising our standards on service, care and the value we place on customer experience.

If you are working within a time constraint please contact us here to check availability. 

The reality is that building with solid wood means that we are building with a medium that is susceptible to small changes over time as the wood acclimates to its environment. Small splits and subtle wood movement/warping have the potential to occur.

We build our custom furniture using premium American white oak and black walnut. Our wood is sourced as local and as sustainably as possible.

Thus the name "Relic" our tables are built to last. Each table is constructed using premium hardwoods. We use a plant based hardwax oil that is superior in durability, based on natural ingredients, contains no solvents, and is 0% VOC. Our tables have great wear, water, and heat resistance while also maintaining the beautiful natural look and feel of the wood.

Absolutely! Our tables are built to last using premium hardwoods that are finished with a durable hardwax oil that is 100% non toxic, 0% VOC, and based on natural ingredients. While we technically aren't able to claim that they are "kid proof" you can have peace of mind that even if something were to happen to the table, the table top can easily, quickly and affordably be refinished thanks to it being made from solid wood instead of veneers.

While our tables have great wear, water, and heat resistance we will always recommend taking precaution and using coasters with icy glasses and not placing hot items directly on the surface.

There are 2 options for cleaning your table. You may use a damp cloth (water only) then wiped dry, or by using a specialty soap that is found here.

We do not currently have any designs that are expandable, however we are able to build them custom to size if there is an "in between" size that will work well for you.

We are a young company without a retail storefront or showroom at this point. We recommend ordering samples to gain a better understanding of the look and feel of our tables.

We have found the following universal guidelines to be very helpful:
-  Allow 24" per guest seated on the side of the dining table
-  Add 12" for each guest seated on the end
- There should be no less than 36" between the table and any surrounding walls, furniture, doors, or other objects.

Additionally, our recommended seating capacities have been included with each of the size options for the tables as you customize. Please note that our seating recommendation may vary slightly between each unique design. Some of the base designs will support seating more guests at a smaller table where others may not.  We strongly recommend taping out the table size in your unique space as a visual prior to ordering.

Generally tables are delivered in two parts (the top and the base) and then quickly assembled once inside. Standard dining table height (when in its regular position) is approximately 30" tall therefore when carried sideways it requires all doors, hallways, and anything in its delivery path from outside all the way to where its going to be an absolute minimum of 31".

Please take the time to visualize the delivery path and measure anything in question prior to ordering. Also consider elevators, stairs, tight turns, railings, kitchen islands, and anything else that may complicate things. If there are more than 6 consecutive steps in the delivery path it is necessary to contact us prior to placing your order. We want the delivery to be as smooth and easy as you do so if there is any question or doubt at all please communicate it with us when ordering. If notified in advance we have a significantly better chance at being able to accommodate a tricky delivery situation. You, the client are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your order will fit throughout the entire delivery path from outside to its final destination inside.

In the event that our delivery team is unable to deliver your order fully to its location in your home or business due to logistical issues (walls, railings, tight turns, stairs, etc.) the undeliverable portion of your order will return to our location. You will have one week to select a new location for delivery and will incur a second delivery charge for the additional delivery. There will be no refunds given due to unexpected logistical issues with the delivery.

If there is any question or concern whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist.

We want you to be nothing less than thrilled with your order however due to the unique nature of custom furniture that is built to order, all sales are final. If there is an issue with your order due to a craftsmanship error we will resolve free of charge within one calendar year from time of purchase. Visual variations within the wood from piece to piece are to be expected and embraced as part of what makes each truly unique. Color samples are intended only to be approximate references for color, grain type, and feel.

Breadboard ends are boards that run perpendicular on either end of the table top. Traditionally they are used to help stabilize table tops from warping but with modern advances and proper precautions taken it has become a mere choice of visual preference to have them or to go with boards running the full length end to end.

If you are in need of further information, please contact us using the form on our contact page, or by using our online chat.