Black wood table with wood base surrounded by 4 white chairs in a white room on top of a light wood floor. The table is placed directly between two floor-to-ceiling windows with modern black framing. On top of the table sits a white decanter, two wine glasses, a black vase with eucalyptus branches, a white vase, a stack of 4 white plates, and a white fruit bowl with oranges


In late 2015 I came across a coffee table at the end of its road. It was set on its side, fully exposed to the elements and desperately in need of someone to see any of the remaining potential in it. I told the owner that I thought I might enjoy restoring the table as a small project and they gladly encouraged me to take it. I built a new top for it, cleaned up the base, and painted it in a distressed antique white. I enjoyed the project so much that when I was finished I wanted to recreate the entire experience and decided that I would attempt to build a coffee table from scratch. My love for woodworking was born. I was fascinated by the entire process.

I began making and selling the coffee tables out of my basement and chose the word "relic" to represent my desire for each piece that I was building to go on to stand the test of time.

At Relic we believe that a dining table is much more than a piece of furniture. It's a designated place for family to gather. A place to reflect on old memories and a place to create new ones. A place to navigate through life together and a place to celebrate. Our goal is to craft a truly one of a kind table for you that will go on to be cherished for generations.

— Jon, Founder