Black wood table with wood base surrounded by 4 white chairs in a white room on top of a light wood floor. The table is placed directly between two floor-to-ceiling windows with modern black framing. On top of the table sits a white decanter, two wine glasses, a black vase with eucalyptus branches, a white vase, a stack of 4 white plates, and a white fruit bowl with oranges


I was walking along in my neighborhood when I came across a coffee table on its side, left out to the elements on my neighbor's porch. Even though I had essentially no woodworking experience, something led me to knock and ask them if I could attempt to restore it as a little project. It had way too much potential to be thrown away.

I built a new top for it, fixed the broken leg, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. I enjoyed it so much that when I was finished I wanted to recreate the entire experience again and decided that I would attempt to build a coffee table from scratch. I found some plans online and my love for woodworking was born.

I began making and selling coffee tables out of the basement of our town home in Baltimore, MD. After talking with some of my customers, it was then that I realized just how hard it was for people to find sturdy, solid wood, quality furniture these days, and especially at a reasonable price point.

It actually changed my perspective a bit when considering the furniture that we had in our home at the time. Just like the coffee table that I found outside and restored, I could see how the majority of the furniture that we owned was only ever intended to be temporary.

I've realized that when it comes to furniture, like many things in life, it's not that we need "more, more, more". We just simply need "better".

I chose the word "relic" to represent my desire for that mentality. For each table that I made to be one of high quality that would go on to stand the test of time.

Fast forward 7 years, I've been able to hone that vision and perfect my craftsmanship, all while developing an amazing team to work beside.

We exist to provide high quality dining table options that are custom built to be absolutely perfect in our clients spaces.

We love what we do and want nothing more than to make you something that you will walk by every day and absolutely cherish.

The table of your dreams is right around the corner. We're glad you're here.