Care + Maintenance

How should I care for and maintain the table?
For daily or weekly cleaning you may clean using a damp cloth (water or water with mild soap) then wipe dry, or purchase the specialty cleaning product (non toxic, zero VOC) found here.

How durable are the tables and what is used to seal and protect them?
Thus the name "Relic" our tables are built to last. Each table is constructed using premium hardwoods. We use a plant based hardwax oil that is superior in durability, based on natural ingredients, contains no solvents, and is 0% VOC. Our tables have great wear, water, and heat resistance while also maintaining the beautiful natural look and feel of the wood.

Should I be using coasters and avoid placing hot items directly on the table?
While our tables have great wear, water, and heat resistance we will always recommend taking precaution and using coasters with icy glasses and not placing hot items directly on the surface.

Are these tables a good fit for a family with young children?   
Absolutely! Our tables are built to last using premium hardwoods that are finished with a durable hardwax oil that is 100% non toxic, 0% VOC, and based on natural ingredients. While we technically aren't able to claim that they are "kid proof" you can have peace of mind that even if something were to happen to the table, the table top can easily, quickly and affordably be refinished thanks to it being made from solid wood instead of veneers. Contact us here for pricing.